Windows not updating time

In this case, you are probably not going to have much success because your vhost's sense of time is going to be dependent both on the real host it is running on and by how busy overall the vhost is.

Depending on the virtualization used, the vhost may not get a steady share of interrupts in a given time period.

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A sudden change in time can cause big problems for certain running processes so NTP works by speeding up or slowing down the length of a second to gradually make adjustments.I think you may be mis-understanding the exact degree to which this issue affects NTP clients in a virtualized environment.In my experience on a virtualized system on a Xen host (such as our setup at Rackspace Cloud) the inaccuracy inherited by not having a dedicated system clock to process the interrupts amounts to fractions of a second, even on highly loaded systems.If ntpd sees your peer(s), then it should be bringing the system back into sync. I was the admin on several VPS platforms, none of them (openvz, Xen) have access to set the clock on the system. Submit a ticket with your host to indicate the time is off, they should be running ntp and have the time synchronized for you.shows that my time is accurate to within 0.000216 seconds.

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