Who is larenz tate dating Tattoo chat

He looks more the part of an up-n-coming R&B crooner than that of a hungry young actor who is able to flit between the gritty street attitudes of characters like Anthony Curtis in IGN FILMFORCE: How do you deal with the whole sex symbol thing?

LARENZ TATE: Ahh, you should know, you're a sex symbol over here in the Bay Area [laughs].

...it's still easy to get dates, you know, when people look at you as a sex symbol.

That's one of those things, you don't have a hard time gettin' a date. Is she hangin' out with you for the right reasons or the wrong reasons?

I think that's just something that people sort of put on you when you get the response that you get from women. I just try to stay grounded with it all and don't let it go to my head.Because now I have a whole different demographic when it comes to the audiences.I have women who come out and support my movies and that is a huge demographic for me, which is great because some actors don't have a female base at all." or "Will you hug my cousin, she's sitting over there and you're her favorite actor." Tate graciously waited after the session and took pictures and hugged each and every woman that stepped forward for the privilege.A day later, lounging in the swank Clift Hotel in downtown San Francisco, Tate is calm, cool, and collected.

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