Who is carly on girl code dating

Can you guys tell me your most embarrassing dating moments?

Carly: I once dated this guy for, like, six months who didn’t speak English. So we were dating for a little bit and one day he came to pick me up and he was like, “you’re getting really fat.” And I was like, “You speak English?

So he’s like, “Uh, okay, well why don’t I just get you guys breakfast and I’ll let you get ready? Every now and then, my friend will text me and be like, I’m still waiting for breakfast. Jessimae: I called him, but he just never responded. Carly: I was just going say, you mean my whole life?

” So he took our breakfast order and I was like, “I’ll have egg and cheese and bacon on a bagel” and he was like, “Okay, do you want orange juice? Okay, once this guy took me out on a date and I freaking hated him so much. What kind of dating advice would you give to any girl? Carly: Dust it off and be like, you deserve this now.

Carly: Nobody’s trying to look perfect all the time.

It’s just real people and their real experiences and that we can all laugh at ourselves at things that we do. How do you think girls should embrace the #nofilter campaign?

I think that when you’re young, it’s hard to do that because you just want to look like whoever you see on TV or in the magazines and things like that. For me, it’s ike the ideal version of yourself when you get all made up. ” and then they meet you in real life and they’re like, “You have so much makeup on in that show, huh? It’s okay to be a little insecure, but you shouldn’t let that rule.

They complimented me, they participated in a mini photo-shoot with me and they made me laugh the entire time.

I didn’t think it was possible to love them more, but I did afterwards. Carly and Jessimae partnered up with Olay Fresh Effects and their #nofilter campaign, which encourages girls to use #nofilter and always be themselves.

Jessimae: Well, I think it being about beauty is always fun as a girl.

But also, it’s not just about makeup and the typical beauty stuff, it’s more about beauty from within.

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