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From the art and pictures to the cool patio to the urinal targets to the ‘sex room,’ this in one place you’ll never forget.

The unassuming bar layered in bright yellow paint is unmissable thanks to the owner’s unique car out front with an image of his face plastered on its hood.

On weekends, it tends to get pretty crowded, but there is a comfy and spacious outdoor patio people can hang out in where there are more tables.

Che’s Lounge, 350 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ, USA, 1 5 If you’re looking for that local bar that will make you feel like a character on ‘Cheers,’ Rusty Nail Tavern is the place to be in Tucson.

The drink prices are truly exceptional, with great deals on PBR cans, Sierra Nevada pints, and well drinks, in addition to fantastic daily specials.

They also make some of the most tasty seasonal cocktails, including fresh watermelon margaritas, muddled mixed berry collins, and blueberry kamikazes.

The place is simple and upbeat, with a crockpot in the corner filled with hot dogs and non-well alcohol with the prices written on the bottle.Upon arriving, guests will see an assortment of ladies’ undergarments hanging from the ceiling, a giant oak bar, and drinks served in mini pitchers.They can order a dirty-sounding cocktail or a beer, then ask to see ‘God’ (the owner, Jim Anderson, though he legally changed his name to God) so that he can take them on a tour of the place, filling everyone in on all of the sordid details around the bar and maybe even throwing in a free keychain.The bar also has a great TV set up and good beers on tap, making it a popular spot for watching football games on Sundays.In addition, patrons love that you can order food from the taco truck, El Nene, that’s parked outside, and they will bring your order in to you.

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