Separation and dating spouse

Many laws in Québec explicitly apply to “de facto partners” similar to that of spouses.

Currently there is no clear timeline for becoming “de facto” partners.

An adult interdependent partner is someone living in a relationship of interdependence for a period of at least 3 years, or a relationship of some permanence if there is a child.

You can also become an adult interdependent partner by entering into a written adult interdependent partner agreement.

It can be handled by one partner “buying” the other out, or the asset can be sold with the proceeds of sale being equally divided.

If unjust enrichment is successfully proven to the courts then the party that was unjustly enriched will be ordered to make reasonable restitution of the property, services or benefits that they unfairly received and retained.

Laws regarding child custody, access and support are the same in Canada regardless of whether or not a child’s parents were legally married.

The problem is, we are not dating anymore and I cannot pay the child support.

I don’t even work and my parents would probably kill me.

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