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However, there's a right and a wrong way to handle romantic relationships that spring up in the office, from both an employer and employee perspective.

We spoke with HR experts about how to best approach the issue of dating in the workplace.

Public breakups can get messy too, and the trash talk, taking sides or the silent treatment in such close quarters can make things awkward for both the couple and their colleagues, he said.

As an employer, you might think banning all in-office relationships will prevent these problems.

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Distinguished from an Odd Couple in that these are usually two characters in an ensemble show, or a regular character and a Recurrer; whereas an Odd Couple usually consists of the two main characters in a show.See also: Interspecies Friendship, Intergenerational Friendship, Interclass Friendship, Action Duo, Vitriolic Best Buds; Rude Hero, Nice Sidekick; Loser Friend Puzzles Outsiders, Cool-Kid-and-Loser Friendship, which is a sub-trope Compare Friendly Enemy and Fire-Forged Friends. We hope you will find whatever you came here to learn and discover."This training should also include respecting everyone in the workplace, including the company," Starkman told Business News Daily."Many sexual harassment claims come about because employees may not realize they are doing something that makes their co-worker feel uncomfortable." Managers should be able to spot situations that could develop into something more serious and be responsible for maintaining a workplace free from any kind of harassment, added Starkman.

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