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"We're always looking for more cheerleading talent. It was because of cheerleading that Lila was expelled from her school, yes? " Lila looked at her lap, avoiding the president's eyes."It had nothing to do with Lila's cheerleading," said James, and Lila loved him for saying this; for having never said anything else.They settled for a medium, which clung flatteringly around her waist but wasn't nearly big enough to contain her colossal tits.

"Cheerleading," said President Sale, glancing down at her file.In her old university he'd helped her dress modestly, back when she'd been trying to evade the harassment of her college peers. The jean shorts clung so tightly that she had to wear a G-string underneath. "If you do that in front of President Sale," he said, reading her mind like always, "he will love you." -- Stellar University was in the heart of the Stellar City, a white-stone campus, its main building held up by Corinthian columns.She was well aware of the way they emphasized her ass, not quite showing her cheeks. What if this wasn't actually acceptable, and her stepdaddy had made a mistake? I promise you, this is nothing like your last college. Lila remembered that from the awful architecture class she'd taken her freshman year of school - her stepdaddy had been so distraught over the difficulty she'd had in that course.(Also Clancy Brown doesn't list this anime on his IMDB, lol.) love the dirty talking and the fucking infront of the window and wow @ the ass fucking love when she just lost it and gave me saying fuck me in the ass harder, my asshole is hungry now.time to use my dildos Girls say "stop no please" in dubbed hentai because that's what they're saying in the Japanese script, and it's a Blind Idiot Translation (basically, translate everything as literally as possible without factoring in the differences in culture).

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