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Probably what my favorite scene is and what’s my favorite season.

If I told you that, they would ask it right away That’s a really good question… I don’t think I have the comedy in me to be in Friends Mad men.

Social medias are great, you get to connect with fans and get to speak with people that support you but a convention really seems to be the most efficient way to get in touch with them personnally, physically. What impress me the most is when I meet people here who I’ve met in Wilmington, Carolina.

Some fans here who have travelled to Wilmington where we shot the show.

never heard anything, never seen anything, even used to go back that road partying.

its all a hoax,,,,, u might as well go huntin for the easter bunny, youd be more likely to run into him first , ok aberdeen.

This was in the 70s and was told about her by an elderly couple living near the rankin house.

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i will tell you if its real take me to the place and i can prove i have had to many experiances with ghost not to believe in them i can take you to a house and lock you in there and you may not make it out alive i was standing at the door of the house im talking about and i got sucked into the door and got out through a window i saw some freaky things in there. you calico lady believers, lol you people are dilirious.

The trip is perfect for those looking to spend a couple of days in the slow-lane of life and take in the natural splendor that is increasingly hard to find.

Nestled between the majestic beaches of Lake Erie, and a vast amount of Ohio’s agricultural heartland, Lorain County offers amazing adventures including the latest global craze – geocaching.

Just to see everybody and catch up in person, face to face, that’s great.

What is the exact location,i remember there was an old bridge when 3 of my friends seen her twice plus i carwas within 5-6 feet from her.

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