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My uncle, Andrew Salemi, and my aunt Maria Salemi were both in the school and were able to get out without injuries.” Niece of Andrew Salemi and Maria Salemi.“I was allowed to enter kindergarten at age 4 1/2. When she heard about the fire, Grandma and Grandpa and me walked to the school and observed the horror of what was happening.

She led us out of the building and kept us from being so frightened.

' It wasn't until my sister, Lois, came home very upset, that I learned of the horror of the fire at the school.

The 8th grader that walked my sister to school, didn't make it.

As we were trying to get away from the school I remember seeing huge firetrucks and hearing people screaming and crying. I saw fire trucks that I had never seen before flying down the street.

The streets and sidewalks were very slippery because I remember falling.”Rick attended morning Kindergarten and was fortunately at home at the time of the fire. I didn't know what was on fire, but I remember thinking, 'There must be a big fire someplace!

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