Cross dressing and dating

And a new gender, one that is gender fluid, would be born. Your sex is male, because you have male organs, or your sex is female, because you have female organs.For those who believe the words, "gender", and "sex", are synonymous, they're not. Your gender is simply everything else society tells you that people with those physical traits have to be: what they have to think, look, and act like.Women have a much more 'lax code of dress and conduct, so they do the vice versa all the time, even dressing in men's clothes sometimes, and hardly anyone bats an eye. Does a guy have to be "acting" or "performing", in order for him to be accepted in any role other than his strictly confined and defined "masculine" role? When you look at a guy, are you truly, actually attracted to his physical traits, or really his personality? Coming from a guy's perspective; a guy who appreciates women's beauty so much, which is a big part of the reasons why he is attracted to them: Does it not make sense that, because I like how girls look, more than men, I may not possibly get inspired by them and also like to replicate these looks for myself, so that I may feel more attractive too? Whether a guy who likes girls feels more sexy, or just feels closer to women by being more like them, even just physically, once in a while, or it simply makes him happy, it shouldn't matter. He is simply expressing himself, beyond what we would say is "normal" for most people. If we started a new, gender-less society, the only thing that would happen is we'd figure out that, biologically, men will go with women, but nothing else will matter.Forgetting what society has told us about clothes and roles, we certainly will all (both men and women) dress similarly, no matter the sex we were born with.It simply means they realize that these gender norms are BS, and are confident enough to not care, and do as they please. In fact, I believe many more people could, or would like to be gender fluid, or to a lesser extent, cross-dress, but will not, due to the emphasis on established male and female gender that society has created, and continues to follow dutifully.

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For him to paint his nails any color other than black? I believe it proves he is aware of his individual needs more than other men, and is unafraid to fulfill them, despite society's airtight and uptight norms and beliefs.

After learning about the differences, and how conforming to human-made gender roles makes little sense logically, one can quickly understand why this view is uninformed and illogical.

Now I am not saying, that gender is completely socially constructed.

I believe I now understand crossdressers, and people who call themselves gender fluid.

They are similar to transgender people in some ways, but different in many others.

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