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It’s kind of an obsession we have in the Arab community, well one of many at least, but curiosity over each others’ love lives drives afternoon tea gossip with Arab mothers around the globe.

When dating outside the Arab society and even diving into a more liberal white society, Arab women don’t have to face judgement, lie about their history, or pretend to be a delicate flower that hasn’t experienced life, or worry about overshadowing an Arab man’s ego.

His parents are NOT " a "interracial couple/marriage" because Native Middle Eastern people and Europeans share lots of similar DNA so even if they mix and have kids there kids will end up being 100% Caucasian NOT mixed with any bloodlines.

Interracial dating is only for black people, East Asians, or Latinos who marry other people since those people are not Caucasian by DNA. to marry native Middle Eastern women since they share lots of history with native Northern Middle Eastern people. They are native to Iraq as there homeland was Mesopotamia. Both Iraqi Chaldeans and Iraqi Arabs are basically the same people but one group of Iraqis consider themselves "Chaldean" while other Iraqis consider themselves "Arabs" or "Kurds".

Iraqi Chaldeans have the same culture as Iraqi Arabs.

They have the same way of thinking and acting as well.

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