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The government wants to sentence some members of the Family to life plus 1,015 years.Given the current environmental crisis facing the planet, even some of those responsible for putting the Family behind bars find themselves sympathizing with the group's motives."My heart's with these people," says Kirk Engdall, the lead prosecutor in the case.

It was beautiful: The blaze spread across a mile and a half, lighting up the night sky and creating so much smoke that the first person to see it said it looked like a volcano had erupted. The vail fire was the most destructive act known to be committed by environmental activists in U. history, leaving the Two Elk Lodge and seven other buildings in cinders and causing at least million in damages.Where they went wrong is when they resorted to violence.They were desperate, because they felt that their cause wasn't being addressed appropriately."Supporters in the environmental movement agree.In 2003, when activists including Cal Tech graduate students fire-bombed several SUV dealerships in Los Angeles, FBI director Robert Mueller responded by assigning the entire terrorism task force in L. to the case and personally briefed President Bush about it.In a post-9/11 world where every FBI agent wants to catch a terrorist, an "eco-terrorist" is better than nothing.

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