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This was a real farm, with pigs, sheep, cattle, hens and working horses at one stage.John recalls sickly bonhams and lambs cradled under warming red lights in Milton House’s basement, if and when they needed extra care, while livestock were kept, almost right up to the back door and yard, with yards, old stone stables, barns, and outbuilding right to hand and in daily use. Now, a generation later, the wheel turns once more.These victims also contacted the newly-formed Broken Rites.This photo demonstrates why Broken Rites was needed.In the photo, Catholic priest Gerald Ridsdale (left, in sunglasses and hat) walks to court, accompanied by his support person (Bishop George Pell, then an auxiliary bishop in Melbourne), when Father Ridsdale was pleading guilty to his first batch of criminal charges in May 1993.But no bishop accompanied the victims, who felt deserted by the church leaders.The above lists (Sections A to C) on this website all relate to priests or religious brothers, as distinct from lay teachers.

Finally, in 1993, some Father Ridsdale victims contacted the police.

The Allmans had built a five-storey cotton mill nearby at Overton in 1805 (which became a workhouse in the Famine years), and as the cotton industry declined in ensuing decades, they moved into distilling, with significant success.

Over the passage of time, and owners, Milton House changed hands a few times.

This aesthetically appealing Georgian-period West Cork home owes its charm and rhythmic pace of quality country life to its origins and to its current owners.

Dating to 1810, Milton House — and, in earliest times spelled as Miltown House — is reckoned to have been built by the Allman family of cotton millers, who were a successful business family in Bandon in the 1700 and into the 1800s.

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